We Had to Start Over – Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties and hosting site changes, we have had to start this site over from scratch.  You’ll see changes from time to time that we hope you see as enhancements to the site. We’re sorry for any information lost or previous posts you wish to see.  We’ll rebuild the school board meeting agenda files download area so you can check out the past archives from meetings that have already taken place.

Thanks again to all our supporters.

2 comments to We Had to Start Over – Technical Difficulties

  • mgmt

    Thank you for creating such an informative, well written site. I appreciate the openness, candor and transparency this site provides. I somewhat question the motives of "The Management" due to the choice of domain name registration bearing similarity to the office GPS site. Why not provide full disclosure and make the site an insight to what it really is, the thoughts and opinions of Gilbert Public Schools board member, Shane Stapley?

  • Shane Stapley

    Full disclosure is an interesting statement from a commenter who doesn't leave their full name disclosed as a logon.

    I have made no secrets about my involvement on this website. My involvement is more limited than you might think. I provide answers to questions, commentary on issues from time to time, and most notably, I provide the school board packet that is available to the public upon request, but for some reason is not made available on the regular GPS website… something that I hope will change soon. All in all, I provide the technical support of this site and host it along with several other sites.

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