GPS School Board Meeting – Jan 25, 2011

Work Study Session @ 6:00pm.  Budget Update dealing with All-Day vs. Half Day Kindergarten.  Why this isn’t specified on the agenda is anyone’s guess.  The budget update period is expected to include this information.  If you have kids in Kindergarten or are going to soon and wish to weigh in on this subject, you WILL want to attend this meeting in order to give input.

As it stands, GPS and other districts are not receiving funding for all-day Kindergarten.  The scuttle-butt is that GPS administration is expected to recommend keeping all-day Kindergarten, but the reasons my surprise you.  There are currently many conflicting studies to show whether all-day Kindergarten reaps the benefits that it is purported to.  Two things are certain: 1. A great deal of pressure is put on the administration to keep all-day K due to fears that parents wanting it will leave the district to other districts, thus taking state funding for students with them.  2. A great deal of parents who both want the educational benefits, but moreso parents that want to avoid the high costs of after school childcare are a much louder voice than those who do not.  Additionally, many parents that would prefer half-day have indicated that they don’t say anything for fear of retaliation.

For more information regarding All-Day vs. Half-Day Kindergarten.  Feel free to see our earlier article by clicking here.

Get a copy of the Board Packet for the upcoming meeting on Jan 25 by clicking the link here. January 25, 2011 – Board Meeting Agenda  For board packet information from past meetings, feel free to click HERE for more info.

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