Adjacent Ways – New Budget Update

Sources at the Town of Gilbert have indicated that contrary to a decision by the Gilbert School Board last year to limit the Adjacent Ways budget to $1.8M for specific items have seen approval from the Town for the installation of a traffic light at Highland High School.  This very same traffic light estimated to cost $510,000 at the meeting held in July of 2010 was dropped off the list of other expenditures so as to prevent increasing the adjacent ways budget by nearly 25% from $1.8M to $2.2M.

Items on the expense list include but are not limited to (and subject to change anytime):

  • Changing from flood irrigation to potable water irrigation delivered via a sprinkler system at an elementary school.  Keep in mind that the Town of Gilbert uses reclaimed water for its parks and public areas.
  • Increased traffic signs at South Valley Junior High.
  • Sewage lift improvements at Highland Junior High.
  • New area developed at Gilbert High School for parent drop point.
  • And the list goes on…

What is Adjacent Ways???  It’s typically the fund that covers any expenses born by the district for new contruction.  Any improvements or development that involves “adjacent” lots or properties, or roadways where the school bears some of the expense of the improvement is taken from this revenue source.  Unfortunately, school districts have abused this revenue source in the past to fund pet projects that only loosely fit the definition of “adjacent ways”.

There is an item on the GPS agenda for the meeting scheduled this Tuesday 2/8 @ 7pm in the board room on this subject.  See  Agenda Item 6.2.  Revised Traffic Patterns at Highland High and Gilbert High Schools.  It is anticipated that this is when the discussion about the adjacent ways fund will come up and district administration will inform board members of the need to revisit the decisions made last year.  GSInfo expects that the district will continue to abuse this fund as a means of “improvements” that are outside of the intent of use for this revenue source.  We urge citizens to ask the district administration to very clearly state the intent of use of these funds and to stay within budgeted parameters.

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