Atlas Shrugged – Part I

Atlas Shrugged was considered by many as ahead of its time when first printed.  Although very popular with many for varying reasons, the most popular line often quoted by many readers of the era was “Who is John Galt?”  At football games, big posters carried by some would read either “John 3:5”, “Jesus Saves”, or “Who is John Galt?”  Nowadays, a new generation (or two) have no idea who John Galt is, nor what the reference might mean.  Is it time the current generation learn?  While the book may not necessarily belong in K-12 education due to certain content, the principles illustrated are as timely now with the current status of affairs as ever before.

Written in 1957, Atlas Shrugged is the masterpiece of Russian-born writer Ayn Rand, who despised communism and embraced capitalism. She moved to the United States early in her life and was a visionary who warned Americans about the destructive forces of creeping socialism, government regulation and intervention, and redistribution of wealth. For years Hollywood did not believe the book should be made into a movie, because the audience (right wing “radicals”) comprised such a “tiny minority.” Also, the book is long and complex, and the movie would have to be presented in several parts, in order to do the book justice.

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