Strategic Planning Meeting – Mar 10, 2011 @ 5:30pm, District Office


There will be a Strategic Planning meeting on March 10, 2011 @ 5:30pm at the District Office Complex located at 140 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert. 

The minutes from last meeting can be viewed from the GPS website, or you can click HERE to get them directly. GPS-Strategic Plan-Minutes 02242011

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  • 1776redux

    Tonight I attended one ‘o them there fancy educator plannin’ meetin’s (GPS – Strategic Planning Meeting Thursday, March 10, 2011 @ 5:30pm 140 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert (First Floor Conference Room in DistrictOffice Complex) and they had a really cool report. Gaaawwwlleeee I mean to tell you it had so many fancy graphs and perty colors, why, it just made me feel so special just to look at it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    How much did this worthless piece of propaganda cost the taxpayers and who is responsible??!!!! That is what I would like to know!!!!

    Here it is: Arizona Public School Districts’ Dollars Spent in the Classroom, Fiscal Year 2009 (February 2010)

    Dr. Alison, who was on the panel, was so kind as to answer some of my questions during the break and confirm some of my concerns. We only talked briefly (5 minutes) but this is what I learned from him:

    Gilbert Unified School District · Student to teacher ratio: 16.8 to 1 NOT! 16.8 people with teaching certificates, many of whom don’t teach; like teachers aids, counselors, librarians, etc, etc. Actually class sizes are, well, shall we say, LARGER · Average teachers salary: $47,866 NOT! This does not include their benefits which Dr. Alison said is 18% at GPS and so, the REAL average teacher’s salary is $56,481.88 which is a difference of $8,615.88! But then there is the “additional salary” from Prop 301 of $6,811 which comes to $63,292.88 for a total difference of $15,426.88 or 32%!

    This report is a ”peer to peer” comparison. Uh, I guess they are not considered in the same peer category as charter schools, parochial schools and private academies. Smart move on their part. They would not want to find themselves in such a comparative review. So, how many other things are lumped in with that so called “classroom spending”? I suspect that I will need a few hours of time with Dr. Alison in order to sort that one out.

    Here is something to chew on: A classroom of 30 kids would cost $212,220 per year per classroom at GPS. Private academies in the area can compete very well with that price. How much the school districts spend doesn’t bother me near as much as the fact that they prepare and print this costly, and elaborate LIE!! Oh, I fergot, I’m just one ‘o them there old stupid backward knuckle draggin’ taxpayers. We ought not get too much info. Our teesny weensy little brains might splode!! And, BTW, here is the “Joint Legislative Audit Committee” for this…… report:

    The Joint Legislative Audit Committee:

    Representative Judy Burges, Chair Senator
    Thayer Verschoor, Vice Chair
    Representative Tom Boone
    Senator John Huppenthal
    Representative Cloves Campbell
    Senator Richard Miranda
    Representative Rich Crandall
    Senator Rebecca Rios
    (Communist) Representative Kyrsten Sinema
    Senator Bob Burns
    (ex-officio) Representative Kirk Adams (ex-officio)

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