GPS Recognized for Low Administrative Costs

We’re pleased to report on achievement and give recognition where it is deserved.  Thus, we are pleased to report that the State of Arizona auditor general has released a report that shows GPS is ranked 1st in the state for the amount of dollars finding their way into the classroom.  A short video from ABC-15 is available as a link on the district website.  Included on the site is the proposed budget status as of Feb 10, 2011 (unless it’s been updated by the district since this posting).  The proposed deficit is no longer $3.5M but was updated in a more recent board meeting, narrowing the gap to $1.9M.

GPS Link to News Story.

The budget deficit gap will be addressed in the March 22, 2011 meeting during working session (that’s the scuttlebutt thus far), and a “final draft” of the proposed budget will result pending the state budget and whether K-12 funding is changed from current expectations.

GilbertSchools.Info expresses on behalf of nearly all contributors to this site a deep appreciation for those within and on the outside of the district whose focus is quality education, student achievement, and promotion of excellence for the success of our future.  The town of Gilbert has remained an attractive place to live for a great many who have been long-time residents, and an oasis to new transplants seeking better conditions from which they have moved.  Gilbert schools remain great because the families who send their students are great.  School staff and all those who are a direct or indirect part of the quality of education in Gilbert are also appreciated.  Teachers will be the first to acknowledge that the active participation of parents in the lives of their children is a key and necessary aspect to the success of their children’s education.  Thus, without diminishing the achievement of GPS in the recent report, we also applaud the citizens for their support of this endeavor.

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  • Craig

    Sounds great that GPS is ranked 1st. GPS appears to be setting the standard for other districts to follow. This combined with being ranked high in academics shows what is possible. Lets keep up the good work and continue to improve.

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