GPS – School Board Mtg – Jun 14, 2011 @ 7pm, District Offices

School Board Meeting – Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 7pm at the district offices located at 140 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ.

The agenda for this meeting was amended at the last minute to remove the executive session, and delay approval of the appointment of a new Director of Technology.  GPS admins have been receiving a great deal of feedback from the Technology services department regarding concerns over the interview process.  It would seem that the interim acting Director has wide-spread support for the position, but interviewing processes have eliminated her from the running.  Stay tuned for an update.

GPS is set to approve a $1.6Million “insurance premium” (although it’s not called that) for the Arizona Risk Retention Trust to cover district liabilities.  One would ask, what’s been the claims over the past few years, what kind of coverages are included, and why is the premium so high?  $1.6Million is quite a chunk of change.  You can see some of the details on what is covered by checking out the board packet.

Approval of Overnight and/or Out of State Student Travel? – Why would there continue to be requests for field trips that require board approval after school is out?  Some of these are for over the summer, and others start the next school year.  It makes sense that several teachers would be preparing for the beginning of next year, and we applaud those efforts.  A closer examination of some of these other field trips may leave one wondering what the educational benefit is.  Overall, the vast majority of parents, teachers, and students would agree that field trips offer the ability to see application of concepts and academics taught in the classroom for an overall educational enrichment.  At GSInfo, we’re left hoping this focus will continue while keeping a watchful eye.

Payroll Voucher of $41.25 Million to be approved in one bold throw on a conscent agenda?  WoW!!!  Why is this voucher so large compared to the others?  This voucher alone constitutes nearly 25% of the total GPS operational budget.

Come and lend your support to the Gilbert Public School district.

Download the full board packet for all the information on what is to be discussed.

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