Investigative Reporter vs. Gossip Columnist

Investigative reporting in the mainstream media (MSM) seems anything but.  It nearly impossible to see a difference between Dear Abby/Op-Ed columns and those reputed of journalistic quality.  Few reporters reach the holy grail of excellent journalism, but it’s the rare exception and not the norm.  Even adequate journalistic quality is hard to find these days.

Investigative reporting of the Gilbert Public School system has been far less than satisfying.  When it comes to:

  • How money is spent – dollars that make it to the classroom, side businesses that GPS runs that conflict with private enterprise and are subsidized on the backs of the taxpayers, what motivates GPS to make changes – revenue risks vs. student education performance.
  • What are kids learning – too many parents have expressed that their children are being indoctrinated with a very left-wing socialist agenda.  Assignments in class from writing an English paper to extra-credit reports in science have involved anything from current decisions by the Obama administration such as extolling the virtues of Obamacare, to local campaining for propositions such as Prop-100 and the benefits of passing the legislation.  After all, isn’t every student worth half a cent?
  • How do charter schools compare to district schools?  What’s the: Maintenance and operation expense per student; Administrator to student ratio comparison; Student enrollment numbers comparison.

After reading the news articles by the MSM, we’re often left wondering what meeting they attended.  Apart from the gross negligence in getting the details correct, one is left certain that the interests of the MSM are certainly not in line with the interests of the public who attend.  We challenge the MSM to get their act together and begin reporting on real news, do some real investigative reporting, and help the public understand both sides of issues.

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