Auditor General Detects GPS Misspending: Dangerfield says the 9-10K is Miniscule

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a budget so large that 9-10K of taxpayer money earmarked for educating children can be misspent and it is called miniscule?

9-10K will buy a ream of paper and a pack of dry erase markers for every GPS classroom.

According to an azcentral article that can be found here, “[Clyde] Dangerfield said the charters added a fuel surcharge that officials in the  athletics department thought was reasonable and within the expectations of the  contractors’ bids. But auditors determined otherwise, he said, and suggested the  district should argue against such charges if they aren’t specified in  contracts.” The article went on to read, “In the big picture, Dangerfield said the $9,000 to $10,000 in overcharges were  miniscule compared with the district’s overall transportation costs.”

How much misspending is considered important? We might ask the parents and teachers who dig into their own pockets to buy paper and dry erase markers if 9-10K in misspending is miniscule?


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