Where is the school district override campaign funding coming from?

Gilbert Supports Education is a political action committee formed to pass the GPS maintenance and operations budget limit increase set to appear on the ballot November 6, 2012.

Many might erroneously assume that those who financially support this PAC would do so because of their love for children and belief in quality education. The campaign finance reports located here list a variety of companies and organizations that do regular business with the school district. The most sizeable donations is from the districts nearly exclusive construction vendor, Core Construction. According to the finance report, Core Construction donated 1000 signs and H stakes for the campaign.

Chasse Building Team is also a vendor of choice for smaller construction projects and is a subcontractor for Core. Chasse and Core Construction frequently give back to the district. This has raised ethical concerns. See more herehere, and here (picture below flyer of Core sponsored golf tournament). The Coalition for Educational Excellence, a seperate campaign donor is an organization formed and funded in large part Core Construction and Chasse Building Team. More details here. Why are these companies donating and then forming a Coalition for Educational Excellence that donates even more. Is it because the vendor company has campaign finance donation limits and this organization is the way to get around that?

Paul Ulan, a political consultant that Gilbert Public Schools hired for several thousand to consult regarding the override and who also works with the Gilbert Supports Education PAC, said “There is no conflict of interest in [PAC to support override] receiving money from a group supported by businesses that could potentially benefit from the passing of the ballot measures. The committee is not the district. “That way, there is a buffer between the district and the construction companies,” he said. Quote obtained here (article related to another district but is the same Paul Ulan).

Additionally, some GPS administrators are pretty wise with their investments. Who wouldn’t spend $100 or $325 to net an additional $2,000 annually. Even if these administrators join the average Gilbert School District homeowner and pay the additional $200 per year for property tax should the override pass, they will net a pretty good return on investment. What happens to the taxpayer that approves the budget override for the children because they are afraid of the alternative? He is just out $200 per year. We think it is better if he donated $200 directly to a teacher or program at his local school. In 2007 when the override passed, the district told us the override was needed to keep class sizes low and pay teachers more. The district is still getting our taxes from that override. Are class sizes low? Are teachers paid more? Do they deliver on their promises or might they be abusing our sympathies for our children?


Individual  Contributor                  Donated Amount                              Benefit if Override Passed

Clyde Dangerfield                                     $325                             Approximate $2200 annual salary increase

Barb VeNard                                              $100                            Approximate $2200 annual salary increase

Shane McCord                                           $100                            Approximate $2100 annual salary increase

Jeff Filloon                                                 $100                            Approximate $2100 annual salary increase

Jay Morris                                                  $100                            Approximate $2100 annual salary increase

Doug Daley                                               $100                             Approximate $1900 annual salary increase

Jane Hecker                                               $100                            Approximate $1900 annual salary increase

Karen Coleman                                          $100                            Approximate $1800 annual salary increase

Korry Brenner                                            $200                            Approximate $1800 annual salary increase

Susan Kreitzer                                           $100                            Approximate $1700 annual salary increase

Chris Stroud                                              $100                             Approximate $1700 annual salary increase

Domonic Salce                                          $100                             Approximate $1700 annual salary increase



GEF Facebook Post Regarding Golf Tournament Sponsor – Core Construction

      Core Construction Facebook Post on September 19, 2012
        The construction industry NEEDS you to pass the override. Times are tough.



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