Prop204 Monies Will Not Reach Classroom – AZ State Treasurer Says

In a press release via email, AZ State Treasurer Doug Ducey makes he following statement:

Dear Friends,

Proposition 204 will NOT help teachers or students, but will instead continue to reward an education system that has increasingly spent less and less money in the classroom. Dr. Craig Barrett, the former CEO and chairman of Intel Corp., has vocally expressed his opposition to Prop 204 because he knows there is zero accountability:

AZ's Operational Spending per Pupil - chart

“Prop 204 throws money at education and numerous other special interest groups, but doesn’t tie that money to performance improvements. Unless we fix the system, we won’t see any improvement in results.”

– Dr. Craig Barrett
Even Governor Jan Brewer, the driving force behind the temporary sales tax in 2010, is warning voters of the serious problems with Prop 204:

“I believe what they’re asking for is simply a blank check from the taxpayers that would generate billions of dollars with absolutely no assurance at all of where the funding would be devoted to.”

– Governor Jan Brewer
Even during the worst years of the recession, operational per student spending only decreased 5 percent.This year alone education spending in the state


budget increased by $28 MILLION dollars. The problem with Prop 204 is that it throws over a BILLION dollars a year in taxpayer funds into a broken system with no strings attached.

In fact, since the passage of Prop 300 in 2000, school districts have directed even less money into the classroom than ever before. In 2011, only 55 cents of every education dollar was dedicated to classrooms.



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