GPS School Board Candidate – Would Abuse School Funds if elected

GPS School Board Candidate Jill Humphreys who is endorsed by GPS School Board President, EJ Anderson has some interesting opinions about funding education.  In a recent survey conducted by The Center for Arizona Policy and received in September of 2012, Mrs. Humphreys answered three questions pertaining to funding that I find somewhat disturbing considering the economic climate we are faced with.

In a climate of economic turmoil, on the top of a 40% tax rate increase to both Primary and Secondary property taxes for citizens within GPS school district boundaries, in addition to a budget override initiative asking for over $66Million over the next 5 years, and in addtion to a permanent tax hike rendering the AZ State Legislature powerless to manage future budgets effectively (Prop 204), Mrs. Humphreys is in favor of:

1. Restricting School Choice by opposing the use of tax credits, voucher, or education savings accounts to enable children to attend school.

2. Opposing limitations on administrative spending and requiring at least a certain percentage of the district’s budget be spent in the classroom.

3. Allowing school district funds paid to other associations or other organizations to be used for political activism and legislative lobbying.

I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see these kinds of decisions from someone who has been publicly saying that, “We dont’ spend nearly enough on education” as I’ve heard on more than one occasion from Mrs. Humphreys.  However, when pressed for just how much should be spent, a specific figure is hard to come by. 

Some questions I hope all of you might be asking:

1. Even if you agree that we don’t spend enough on education… shouldn’t it be spent on EDUCATION rather than lobbying, district administration, and bloated programs?

2. Do you want your TAX dollars used to further a legislative agenda that you may not agree with but are paying for anyway?

3. If a free-market society is one of the pillars that have made this country great and economically one of the strongest nations in world history, then why in the world would we want to limit freedom of choice when it comes to education?  If education for our children is the empowerment and enabling of our next generation to have all the opportunity they can, why would we elect an offical that opposes freedom of choice.

Mrs. Humphreys is one of two candidates running for the 2-year term position created when I resigned my position earlier this year after moving outside of the school district.  The other candidate is Eric Johnson.  On these issues I can tell you Mr. Johnson takes a much different opinion than Mrs. Humphreys.  Mr. Johnson:

1. Is in favor of school choice.

2. Is a friend to the tax-payer and will seek to increase spending to the classroom where our children will most benefit.

3. Curb administrative spending and curtail or eliminate spending tax-payer dollars towards efforts that undermine individual’s representative rights.  Your tax dollars should NEVER be used to support a specific legislative agenda for which you may not be supportive.


For a full copy of the survey to see how Mrs. Humphreys answered all survey questions and verify no fraud is committed in editing click here: Humphreys Full Survey.


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