Congrats to all – Post Election Results

The tally is in, most of you already know the score.  It’s been interesting to see some of the feedback and comments from various groups.  I know I was watching the election results come in like most of you and observed that there seemed to be much greater energy about who had won the local school board seats and town council seat than who would be in the White House for the next 4 years.  It’s been an interesting ride.

I’m glad it’s over.  I’m sure that regardless of your position, many of you can relate to simply being glad that the election season is now behind us.  I wish to thank those who participated in the overall effort of the election cycle.  America is truly unique from any other form of government on earth.  Some countries come close, others have used America as a model, but the USA remains unique in the manner in which governmental authority is peacefully transferred from one to another.

For those who sought re-election and lost, I extend my gratitude for your service.  For those who sought election and were unsuccessful this time around, I thank you for putting yourself out there.  It’s not an easy prospect to make yourself available for public scrutiny and consideration and I respect your desire to take part in serving the community.  To those who sought election and won, congratulations.  The people have decided and you deserve the office to which you have sought.  I wish you success as you fulfill your oath of office and hope that you will find your way through what are sure to be the difficult times along with easier decisions that must be made. 

While I wasn’t too terribly surprised regarding the Override decision in Gilbert, I was moderately surprised as to just how many districts had an override measure before their citizens that failed to pass.  For those who are distraught and grief-stricken for Gilbert that the override failed… let me assure you that all is not lost.  If indeed over the next year of what is hopefully a greatly increased measure of transparency and disclosure, and as a result it is deemed necessary to augment the finances for the school districts, then a more reasonable and responsible approach can be taken then.  The good news is, the sky will not fall in the next two years.  And… you can bet that in two years time, the measure will most indeed be addressed again by the school boards if not the general public.

Congratulations again to those who have won the public trust, and a resounding appreciation to those who have served our communities.  Even if we could not agree on philosophies, we certainly can agree that service in elected office deserves recognition and thanks.

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