Higley Public Schools Added

Those who frequent this website will recognize that some changes have been made recently.  As this website originally focused on Gilbert Unified School District, a recent decision was made to broaden the scope of this site to include that of all public schools in the Town of Gilbert and thus fulfill the area that the domain name suggests.  Moreover, there is additional room to add any educational facility/organization that is in the Town of Gilbert boundaries should there be an interest.

Additionally, recent changes have been made to facilitate the ability for folks to submit comments without creating a logonid.  This is a beta or test and will be monitored for success.  The idea being that folks may be free to submit comments anonymously without fear of retribution from anyone.  Comments will however still be subject to approval which is simply to be sure that there’s no use of explicit lyrics or hate speech.  Opinions expressed in a reasonable manner will not be censored regardless of the position they take.

Any news or information a reader wishes to have posted may submit their contribution to admin@gilbertschool.info.  Such email is NOT subject to public records requests nor media requests and will be treated as private correspondence inasmuch as email can be.

GSInfo hopes you will continue to find the content posted on this site useful and beneficial. We welcome the opportunity to help citizens learn and understand aspects of their school districts that are not reported in the main-stream media with particular emphasis placed on disclosure and transparency of financial aspects.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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