Common Core Standards Remove Literature for Government Documents

Common Core Standards as dictated by the Federal Government are going to change a great many things with regard to curriculum in our schools.  They are having a much greater impact than was originally anticipated and as with anything else Federally focused, local control is all but non-existent.  See how “Common Core” is impacting the literature our children may be subjected to.


Common Core Standards Remove Literature for Government Documents
By Rachel Sheffield

No more King Arthur stories, kids—you’re going to start reading some information-packed government documents instead!

Adding to a number of problems with the Obama Administration-backed Common Core education standards, beginning with the fact that the federal government should not be involved in the business of curriculum standards, is the questionable quality of the standards themselves. As the English language arts standards make their way through classrooms, educators are waving red flags about the Common Core’s literature requirements—or lack thereof.

At issue is the Common Core standards’ shift toward a focus on informational texts rather than literature. “English teachers across the country are trying to figure out which poetry, short stories and novels might have to be sacrificed to make room for nonfiction,” reported The Washington Post earlier this week.

Jamie Highfill, an eighth-grade English teacher in Fayetteville, Arkansas, told the Post that she has had to drop “some short stories and a favorite unit on the legends of King Arthur to make room for essays by Malcolm Gladwell and a chapter from The Tipping Point. With informational text, there isn’t that human connection that you get with literature. And the kids are shutting down. They’re getting bored. I’m seeing more behavior problems in my classroom than I’ve ever seen.”



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