Candidates and their Finance Reports – Updated

There are currently five candidates registered to run for the two open seats on the GPS Board and four
candidates registered to run for the two open seats on the HUSD Board. (Oops, there are five candidates for HUSD. New information added)

Their current task is to collect nominating petition signatures. You need 400 signatures for the GPS district
and 190 for the HUSD. Petitions can be turned in now, and must be turned in by the end of business Wednesday
August 6th.

Candidates also just finished a campaign finance reporting cycle that covered activity from January 1, 2014 to
May 31, 2014. The reports had to be filed by June 30th. There is a summary below, with the exact amounts rounded
off. If you want to see the complete reports online go to and
enter a candidate’s last name.

Total income means all of the money a campaign took in from contributions and loans. Loans from Self means
loans the candidate made to their campaign. It is perfectly legal for a campaign to pay back the loan to the
candidate, but more often than not the candidate never gets their money back. Balance was the total amount of
money the campaign reported having on hand on May 31st (Total Income minus expenditures).

No activity is a special form a campaign files instead of a finance report stating that they took in no money
in any form and paid no bills for the time period the finance report would cover. $500 Threshold Exempt is a
special form the campaign files stating they intend to run the campaign for less than $500. $500 threshold exempt
campaigns don’t have to file finance reports and they are common in local races.

If a $500 threshold exempt campaign finds that they are growing beyond the $500 limit then they have to file
some more forms to convert to a regular campaign and start filing finance reports. There is no penalty for

Total Loans 5/31/2014
Income from Self Balance
Ron Bellus $1,615 $0 $100
Dawn Brimhall $500 threshold exempt
Reed Carr $14,700 $3,000 $12,115
Jill Humpherys $1,250 $596 $1,245
Charles Santa Cruz $7,257 $5,000 $6,699
Michelle Anderson $500 threshold exempt
Rebecca Jarman $500 threshold exempt
Michelle Rigby No activity
Venessa Whitener No activity
Greg Wojtovich $500 threshold exempt

The next campaign finance report is due in August and will cover June 1st to August 14th.

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