HUSD Union Hates Parents & Endorses Whitener and Wojtovich

It’s no secret that the education unions have no interests in improving education per se.  They aren’t even all that interested in defending and coming to the aid of individual members as much as they are their own agenda.  Article after article nation-wide has revealed the truth… that unions are about their own power and increasing it where possible, maintaining it at a minimum, and making life miserable for those who threaten it.

After reading the email below, you might wonder why it is that the HEA (Higley Education Association) with Alana Charnofsky as president has endorsed the “W’s” candidates this election season.  After putting together several other pieces, it should be no surprise at all who the institutional candidates are.  Should you not happen to belong to one of these special interests (the Union specifically), you may wish to consider avoiding the W’s (Whitener & Wojtovic).  Union members may also consider that Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson have your interests closer to heart than the union or district favorites appear to.

The text below is a letter authored by Alana Charnofsky, President of the HEA (Higley Education Association) or Higley Teacher’s Union (grammatical errors included.)  Quite telling is the following:

  1. The suggestion to “vote early and often” by encouraging the stacking of survey results through multiple submissions of each member.
  2. Directing HEA members on what to put on the survey, leaving individual interests secondary to HEA agenda.
  3. Using disingenuous language pitting teachers against parents of children attending district schools.
  4. Suggesting an agenda on not how to better use funds, but how to manipulate the system to goad the public into a tax increase via Overrides
  5. Keeping this whole mess a secret by directing members to keep the email off the district email system.  It’s quite obvious that such open discussion would not bode well for union popularity among the public.

GilbertSchools.Info wishes to provide Survey details in order to give more context on certain aspects.  Unfortunately, it is not available at the time of this article.  However, the information below should give sufficient info to give general voters sufficient reason to pause and consider carefully the candidates for school board this election season.  We give our suggestion at the end of this article.

FROM: Alana Charnofsky <>

SUBJECT: PLEASE READ! Higley Education Association = K-6 teachers

Good Evening Colleagues-

As you know the survey is out, and there not much we can change about it!  However, there are ways of minimizing negative impact on K-6 teachers.  (Please note: 7-12 teachers have received a similar email)

I understand that many of your have already taken the survey, but it has come to my attention that it will allow you to resubmit multiple times.  Here are a few things to consider.

You will need to read the survey carefully as #1 is the cut you want to make and #6 is the cut you absolutely do not want.

Here is a list of possible actions you may take on your part to make next year survivable.

Things to consider when reading survey questions 3-7:

      • Once salary and benefits are reduced or lost it is difficult to ever get it back.  Losing prep time is another every difficult thing as we know in K-6.  Three years ago, we had 45 minute prep five days a week.  If you select specials as a favorable to cut, it is assured that we will never see that time again.
      • Reducing medical benefits and premiums is extremely challenging to accomplish.  Once these cuts are made, it takes Board approval and will not be enacted until the following year.  Further, cuts to medical could be financially hurtful even more so than salary reduction.
      • Salary reduction is extremely hurtful as K-6 teachers can spend hundreds of dollars of personal pay to pay for classroom supplies no longer provided by the district.  It took many years for HUSD to make salary equitable to neighboring districts.
      • Maintaining class sizes will impact parents the most.  Making cuts which impact only the teachers do not motivate full participation by parents to pass overrides.
      • If the community does not feel the impact of the cuts, then the community will continue to not support the override.

Things to consider when filling in the comment section of the survey:

      • In surrounding districts, they do not have Assistant Principals in their Elementary schools unless they are over 900 students.
      • Administrators in surrounding district do not have their families medical benefits covered by their district, they have to pay for them like the teachers.
      • Surrounding districts don’t pay their instructional coaches out of 301.  This could help off set any losses to pay for the teachers by increasing “bonus checks”.
      • Making the HCPA a self-sustaining entity.
      • Surrounding high schools like Red Mountain and Queen Creek charge $250.00 for student parking where we charge $50.00.
      • Increase sports fees 50% and eliminate family cap.
      • Use in-house professional development instead of bringing in speakers and trainers that teachers see little value from.

Two last points:

      • It is imperative that teachers are present at all School Board meetings.  There is an upcoming meeting on February 4 and 6:30pm. It is always best for teachers to show presence at a board meeting when such drastic decisions are going to be made.  You can check the board agendas on the website to see what will be discussed.
      • Please make EVERY effort to attend the Mandatory Meeting on Tuesday at HCPA.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication you give to the students in Higley.  We will continue to “monitor and adjust” to the changes that are sent our way.  Please know that the HEA is here to support you and our voice is stronger than some may think.  Please feel free to discuss these points with your colleagues, but make sure that this email stays OFF OF DISTRICT EMAIL.  If you have questions, please contact your site rep or Eboard members.

I will continue to send out information as it is made available.

Click 2014-HUSD-Union Hates Parents for scanned image of full email as indicated above. suggests voters consider Rebecca Jarman and Michelle Anderson as favorites for this election season for HUSD School Board.  Reasons are:

Jarman and Anderson

  • Both have shown a propensity for representing all parents equally and not catering to public interests.
  • Both have shown a strong position in standing up for parental rights on matters such as “opt in” vs. “opt out” programs, sexual education, common core initiatives.
  • Both have taken a much stronger stance on transparency and disclosure of financial information than any other candidate.
  • Both appear to understand very well their fiduciary responsibility under Title 15 – Education of the Arizona Revised Statutes.
  • Both are vehemently opposed to the current culture within the district of fear and intimidation enforced from top down by Dr. Denise Birdwell.
  • Both are strong supporters and advocates of the teacher in the classroom.  Both know that it is in the classroom that education happens and support the classroom.
  • Both are vehemently opposed to financial waste and are eager to make effective change to better use district monies by directing more to the classroom.


2 comments to HUSD Union Hates Parents & Endorses Whitener and Wojtovich

  • April

    This is a total misrepresentation. The HEA loves parents and students alike. How would you like half of the truth posted about you? Have you ever been part of a teacher association? If you knew your facts you would know that HEA is not a union, but am association. I am disgusted by the half truth of the article. This leads me to believe you have not be fair about how you have portrayed the rest of the articles you write. Sadly, politics has taken over.

    • Shane

      There's NO half-truths represented here. The entire email is available for your reading displeasure. Association Whitener voted to cut the substitute teacher budget at the same meeting where she voted to create a new director position at the district office. The HEA is filled with members who I'm sure do love parents and children. But the HEA as an organization is pitted against parents by it's very nature. Parents just want a safe environment for their kids to get the best education they can. This is NOT the goal of the HEA. The HEA looks after the members… and parents/students don't pay dues.
      The NEA (National Education Association [Union]) president is quoted publically as having said (paraphrased) "As soon as students start paying dues, the NEA will start representing their interests" For a fantastic representation of unions/associations relationships with members vs. parents/students or otherwise, check out the movie/documentary "Won't Back Down" where a failing district school back east that had been failing for several years straight was taken over by the "public" (i.e. local parents) and run by them. The Union had a great deal to lose in that battle, but never at all was the quality of education an issue.

      You may be a teacher within HUSD. If so, I hope you love what you do and are good at it. We all need teachers who feel that way. This article isn't about teachers (good or bad). It's about the Union/Association and the mindset under which it operates strategically and the agenda that is championed. The email included was a grand example of exactly what that agenda and mindset is. We're referring to a very few individuals who manage/lead/control the union whose interests are in direct conflict with that of the local parents and community within HUSD boundaries.

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