Best wishes to all in 2011. May this year bring more joy, peace, and happiness.

Got Conflict? Part-2 LOBBYING

Tax dollars spent on lobbying??? Should tax dollars collected for education purposes be spent paying for lobbyists and campaigns to raise more tax dollars? . . . → Read More: Got Conflict? Part-2 LOBBYING

Half-Day vs. Full-Day Kindergarten

Solving the dilemma of unfunded All-Day Kindergarten. The solution is easier than you think. . . . → Read More: Half-Day vs. Full-Day Kindergarten

ASBA – Arizona School Board Association

December 15-17, 2010 The Arizona School Board Association or ASBA held their 53rd Annual New Member Orientation and Training seminar wherein all newly elected school board members have the opportunity to attend an orientation seminar that includes but is not limited to, Open Meeting Law, School Policies, School Financing, and ASBA organizational details. The seminar . . . → Read More: ASBA – Arizona School Board Association

‘The Cartel’ Movie

Is Public Education a cartel?? . . . → Read More: ‘The Cartel’ Movie

Got Conflict? (of interest)

Gilbert Public Schools does. Nearly $2Million conflicts annually. . . . → Read More: Got Conflict? (of interest)

Strategic Plan to cost $100K

Why pay a vendor to do what school admins should be?? . . . → Read More: Strategic Plan to cost $100K

New Mailing List – Subscribe Now

Get all the GPS news from one place. Subscribe now to the mailing list that has it all!!! . . . → Read More: New Mailing List – Subscribe Now

We Had to Start Over – Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties and hosting site changes, we have had to start this site over from scratch. You’ll see changes from time to time that we hope you see as enhancements to the site. We’re sorry for any information lost or previous posts you wish to see. We’ll rebuild the school board meeting agenda . . . → Read More: We Had to Start Over – Technical Difficulties